Russian Queen

Russian Honeybee Queen

$ 38.99

Note for 2016: We have sold thru all of our queens. Please contact us to be added to the 2017 list.

From Crafted Honey Apiaries, these Russian Honeybee Queens are of the highest quality genetics. We dedicate a portion of our hives specifically for breeding Russian queens and nucs. The location of these hives are in the heart of our Cherryville, North Carolina farm as far away from other potential honeybee hives as possible. While we are growing this portion of our apiary, we are in limited supply every year and typically sell out of nucs in the first quarter of a new year. While we do have more queens than nucs, please contact us to inquire about availability, shipping details and to be added to our Russian Queen waiting list.

Details and Frequently Asked Questions:

  • We will ship queens via USPS Priority Mail.
  • Queen cups will be affixed to the inside of the shipping box to make the trip as gentle as possible.
  • Queens are typically ready early May. There are some cases where queens are ready earlier (i.e., mid-to-late April) but this is dependent on the weather and the bees.
  • Local pickup from our Cherryville, North Carolina farm is also possible.
  • Please contact us for location details, to be added to our waiting list or with any other questions.