Raw Wildflower Honey Sampler | Crafted Honey
Raw Wildflower Honey Sampler | Crafted Honey
Raw Wildflower Honey Sampler | Crafted Honey
Raw Wildflower Honey Sampler | Crafted Honey
3oz Raw Spring Harvest Honey | Crafted Honey
3oz Uncapped Raw Honey | Crafted Honey
3oz Raw Wildflower Honey | Crafted Honey
3oz Raw Wildflower Light Honey | Crafted Honey

Raw Wildflower Honey Sampler

$ 19.99

Our Raw Wildflower Honey Sampler has all of Crafted Honey's wildflower honey types. Containing four of our 3oz jar sizes, this sampler set will give you a great introduction into our wildflower raw honey varieties.

While not true single varietal honey, these wildflower honey types are still 100% from Crafted Honey's apiaries. At Crafted, we are very proud to say that we own the entire honey production process from start to finish. This means the entire process is in our control - we manage our own bee yards, we harvest our own honey and we pack (bottle) all of that honey by hand.

Having full control allows us to select honey types based on location, color and flavor profile. Even though our wildflower honey is not from a predominant flower source (i.e., like our Raw Blackberry Honey), these four types of wildflower honey  have flavor profiles uniquely their own. Try our Raw Wildflower Honey Sampler and we think you'll agree that it's hard to beat pure, American honey from a sustainable farm.

What's in the Box?

  1. Spring Harvest Raw Honey (3oz): Delicate flavor with a distinct fruity taste, a unique combination of the season's first blooms. 
  2. Uncapped Raw Honey (3oz): Limited in quantity, its flavor profile varies significantly from one batch to the next.
  3. Wildflower Raw Honey (3oz): Ranges in color from light to medium amber with each batch unique in color and taste.
  4. Wildflower Light Raw Honey (3oz): The name says is all; a wildflower honey that's lighter in taste and color than our other varietals.
  5. Limited time: Free honey dipper until supplies last! Made from solid wood in Maine, USA.

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  • 100% PURE AND RAW 

Certified Bee Friendly Farm | pollinator.org/bff  Pollinator Partnership S.H.A.R.E. | pollinator.org/SHARE.htm

    OUR HIVES ARE: Located on North Carolina farms and forested areas that are not treated with pesticides and provide an abundance of biodiverse, natural resources. We don't chemically treat our hives due to our sustainable beekeeping practices and the hardiness of the Russian honeybee.

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