Pink Grapefruit Natural Soap | Little Flower Soap Co.
Pink Grapefruit Natural Soap | Little Flower Soap Co.
Pink Grapefruit Natural Soap | Little Flower Soap Co.
Pink Grapefruit Natural Soap | Little Flower Soap Co.
Pink Grapefruit Natural Soap | Little Flower Soap Co.
Cold Process Soaps | Little Flower Soap Co

Pink Grapefruit Natural Soap

$ 5.50

This cold process soap uses French Pink Clay to cleanse and detoxify the skin, remove dead skin cells and create and overall refreshed appearance. Never using no chemical based dyes, the French Pink Clay also gives this Pink Grapefruit Natural Soap its beautiful rosy color.

Using this soap is like cutting into a large, refreshing citrus fruit. This soap contains Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil, which is believed by aromatherapists to be a spiritual up-lifter and is used to ease muscle fatigue and stiffness. It is also a purifier of congested, oily and acne prone skin.

Weight: Each bar is approximately 3.5oz
Measures: 2" H x 3" L x 1" D
Packaging: Neatly wrapped in 100% recycled cotton scraps from the Indian garment industry. The paper making process is pollution free and tree free.
Made With: Water, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Tallow, Sodium Hydroxide, Basil Essential Oil, French Pink Clay, Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil

Cold Process Soap Benefits:
  • Cold process soaps do not contain detergents which strip skin of moisture.
  • It typically lasts longer than traditional soap.
  • They smell incredible. Essential oil scents are not diminished by the cold soap process.
  • Every ingredient is carefully selected allowing for the most control over the final product, rather than using a prefabricated soap base where ingredients are mixed into a melted base.
  • By not heating the ingredients during production, cold process soap preserves the benefits of natural oils like coconut, olive oil or shea butter.
  • It is a labor of love. They are made in small batches (like Crafted Honey) with the curing process taking 4 to 6 weeks.

Smooth Shaves & Fresh Linens:
All of The Little Flower Soap Co. soaps will make a thick, super-conditioning lather that includes skin softening coconut and olive oils. The lather is so good that it protects all body parts (even the face!) when shaving.

These bars are long lasting. You can cut them in half; use half by the sink and store the unused half in a cool dark place, like a linen closet where it will make all the towels smell fantastic!

    About The Little Flower Soap Co.:
    Established in 2010 by the husband & wife team of Holly & Justin Rutt, The Little Flower Soap Co. is a Natural Body Care and Gift Shop located in Chelsea, Michigan. All of their products are handmade in small batches in the U.S.A. (just like Crafted Honey!) using only natural colors and essential oils for fragrance. Paraben, phthalate & sulphate free, The Little Flower Soap Co. sources the finest ingredients from across the world to produce beautifully-packaged products that are completely natural, smell amazing and have exceptional healing properties. With The Little Flower Soap Co., you can rest assured knowing you are putting the nothing but the finest skin care products on your body. As a Martha Stewart American Made 2014 Finalist, clearly some others think their products are standouts as well.

     The Little Flower Soap Co.    Martha Stewart American Made 2014 Finalist


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