Irish Beekeeper Honey Sampler
Irish Beekeeper Honey Sampler
Irish Beekeeper Honey Sampler
Irish Beekeeper Honey Sampler
Irish Beekeeper Honey Sampler
Irish Beekeeper Honey Sampler
Irish Beekeeper Honey Sampler
Irish Beekeeper Honey Sampler

Irish Beekeeper Honey Sampler

$ 16.50

Hard to believe March has arrived – the perfect time to watch the bees gather early spring pollen, and celebrate one our favorite holidays, St. Patrick’s Day!

This month we are excited to offer our Limited Edition Irish Beekeeper Honey Sampler! Inspired by the colors Irish flag, and our own personal Irish heritage (read more of our story below!), this multi-pack includes three of our small 3oz jars – Tulip Poplar, Sourwood and Spring Harvest. They perfectly align green, “white” and orange to create a festive Ireland-inspired presentation. Also included is a copy of "Noelle's Irish Soda Bread" recipe – perfect for giving as a gift, or keeping for yourself to celebrate the holiday!

Beekeeping in Ireland:

Ireland has been described by many poets and story-tellers as the land of milk and honey, and there is little doubt that there was milk and honey in abundance in earliest times. Honey was so important in early Ireland that a whole section of the Brehon Laws was devoted to bees and beekeeping. Tributes were paid in honey and no banquet table was complete without honey and mead, the legendary drink made from it. Under these old Behon Laws, which date back to somewhere around 600 AD and were known as the “Bee-judgments”, anyone who kept bees was obligated by law to share the honey harvest with land-owners of the four adjacent farms, as that’s where the bees gathered nectar. And if a man found a swarm in the faithche (the green surrounding and belonging to a house), three-quarters of that colony’s honey harvest at the end of the year was owed to the owner of the house. It certainly speaks to the value placed on honey in Ireland.

Our Irish Roots:

The people behind Crafted Honey have deep Irish roots. With strong Irish heritage on both sides of Bryan's family, and full Irish ancestry on Erica’s maternal side, it is no surprise that honey has been a big part of our family’s table setting.

Erica’s mother, Noelle, was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, and is a beekeeper herself. Her signature yellow hives sit atop a nutrient-dense property along the Connecticut River, where the bees forage on maple, tulip poplar, goldenrod and dutch clover. It is in honor of Noelle's heritage and passion for beekeeping that has inspired our limited edition Irish Beekeeper Sampler

{ Plus... a special shout to our sister Meghan, who is not only Irish of course, but was born on St. Patrick's Day. Sláinte! }


What's in the Box?

  1. (3oz) Tulip Poplar Raw Honey: A dark amber honey that is rich, deep and slightly smoky, but lighter in flavor than its color suggests.
  2. (3oz) Sourwood Raw Honey: Smooth and slightly spicy flavored, sourwood honey is sought after by honey connoisseurs worldwide.
  3. (3oz) Spring Harvest Raw Honey: Delicate flavor with a distinct fruity taste, a unique combination of the season's first blooms.
  4. "Noelle's Irish Soda Bread" secret recipe...
  5. ...and a coupon code for a discount off your next order! 

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    OUR HIVES ARE: Located on North Carolina farms and forested areas that are not treated with pesticides and provide an abundance of biodiverse, natural resources. We don't chemically treat our hives due to our sustainable beekeeping practices and the hardiness of the Russian honeybee.

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