Our Raw Honey

Crafted Honey produces 100% pure and raw honey varietals in small-batches. Created solely from both cultivated and naturally wild sources, our treatment free honey is the product of millions of happy bees, thoughtfully cared for using sustainable farming.

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Why Crafted?

Habitat is everything

Our hives are only located in rural or forested locations carefully selected for their ability to provide an abundance of natural resources;  fresh water, a diversity of floral sources, natural windbreaks and lots of sunshine. More importantly, we also choose our locations based on what they are missing - their proximity to monoculture farmlands which are known for their liberal application of systemic pesticides. In large part, it is our habitats that allow us to achieve a Certified Bee Friendly Farm designation.

Nutrition matters

Bees make and store honey as a food source to survive long winters. Because honey is rich with antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, we leave our bees with more honey than we think they'll need to "over-winter”. Sure, we could harvest more honey which would provide us with more to sell. But this would require us to supplement our bees with lots of sugar water in winter months, potentially impacting their health, and subsequently, the quality of the spring honey yield. Our bees are never fed high fructose corn syrup. In much the same way that nutrient-dense soil yields the best crops, we firmly believe that well-fed, strong bees make the best honey.

Russian bees are good

Plain and simple, we feel Russian bees are the best suited for our mission to be a sustainable farm. Their hygienic behaviors allows them to overcome pests such as the Varroa destructor and tracheal mite, and their hardiness keeps them healthy through the winter. They are also docile in nature which makes them easy to handle. Plus, they look mighty fetching with their Russian toboggans. Learn more about why we exclusively use Russian honeybees.

The best things in life are free

Free of additives, free of chemicals and free to range acres of farmland rich with diverse, native pollen sources. Because we provide our bees with a variety of cultivated and wild-source habitats, employ sustainable beekeeping practices and only raise naturally pest-resistant Russian bees, we never treat our hives with pesticides of any kind. Learn more about our hive locations.

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