Our People

Crafted Honey's Founders

A labor of love, Crafted Honey Company was founded by husband-and-wife team, Bryan and Erica Shugg. Merging their professional lives and personal passions, Crafted is a reflection of their uniquely different, but perfectly complimentary personalities.

Bryan and Erica Shugg, Diego the Vizsla, Aida the Pointer | Crafted Honey


Erica, a designer and photographer, big-dreaming-humanitarian, equestrian and animal lover. Bryan, a technology professional, a mountain biker (Yeti tribe!), lover of most any kind of music and auto-enthusiast. One is a Huskie, the other a Hokie, both feel at home when outdoors and surrounded by nature.

Originally from New England, Bryan and Erica are descendants of Welsh, Irish, Scottish and Scandinavian families who earned a living by designing, making or using beautifully-crafted things. Airplanes, automobiles, wooden boats, custom homes, fine art paintings, woven and knitted wears and culinary delights. Crafted Honey combines their eclectic roots with a dedication to live an authentic life filled with family, friends and customers who are not yet, but will hopefully become, friends. It is a reflection of their desire to produce the highest quality raw honey - in the most natural way possible - and then share it with others.

A right brain, a left brain, two dogs, a bunch of horses and several million honeybees. That’s how the sweet stuff is made.

Crafted Honey's Beekeeper

Our honeybees lead happy lives under the watchful eye of Jimmy Brooks. A native to North Carolina, Jimmy is an organic beekeeper who has been keeping bees for 13 years. After watching a honeybee drinking from a can of spilled Sun Drop soda, curiosity took over and led him on a path of discovery that developed into a full-fledged passion.

Jimmy Brooks Organic Beekeeper | Crafted Honey

Jimmy's love of honeybees comes from a deep concern for nature and an appreciation of the complexity of a honeybee colony. Feeling strongly about natural beekeeping, he believes Russian honeybees are the best way to combat hives pest without using any treatments.

Having been fortunate to learn from experienced mentors, Jimmy enjoys passing along the craft and teaching new beekeepers. He also serves as a consultant to other beekeepers on hive health issues, sharing his management practices of the Russian honeybee.

"Nature is to be found in her entirety nowhere more than in her smallest creatures." - Pliny the Elder (Roman author, naturalist, philosopher, beekeeper)