Our Farm Locations

Our hives are located on farms and in forested areas across North Carolina that do not use pesticides and provide an abundance of biodiverse natural resources. While the majority of our bee yards are located in Cherryville and Statesville, NC, we have additional yards in Fallston, Waco and Golden Valley, NC.


Our Cherryville bee yards are on a farm that spans 2,800 acres and is centered adjacent to Cedar Lake. Apart from its picturesque beauty the lake is a great source of water for our bees. We have situated the bee yards in various locations around the farm that optimize the nectar sources including large groves of Tulip Poplar trees. Our Honey House – where we do all of our own processing, labeling and packing – is also located here. We do not add anything to our honey nor do we pasteurize it – it comes straight from the hives as nature intended. Our beehives are assembled by us from components in a workshop on the farm. They are made of durable light weight Cypress wood, a highly weatherproof and rot- and insect- resistant material due to its natural oil called cypressine. The wood has rustic appeal with a medium grain and the beehives look even more beautiful as the wood ages.

Cherryville Bee Friendly Farm | Crafted Honey


Our bee yards are on a farm in Statesville located in north part of Iredell County. This area has long been associated with bees and highly sought after sourwood honey. We have situated the bee yards in sheltered areas at the center of the 520 acre farm, surrounded by equal parts grasslands and natural trees. Most of our neighbors are large third or fourth generation family farmers who welcome our bees for improved crop pollination and harvest yields. Iredell County is of one the largest farming counties in North Carolina and there are large areas of wild flowers and hardwood groves surrounding us. Little Rocky Creek provides the primary water source for our bees.

Statesville Bee Friendly Farm | Crafted Honey