Below are answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Honey and Product FAQs

We like this question. In fact, we like this question so much we wrote a blog post about it. Please refer to our article, "What is varietal honey?" for more information.

Yes it can, although in our experience this should be a rare event. When stored properly honey can last a very long time - honey found in sealed pots while excavating Egypt's pyramids was estimated to be around 3,000 years old and still completely edible. To prolong shelf life, we recommend:

  • Close the lid of your Crafted Honey jar when not in use, particularly in humid climates, as honey is hygroscopic and will absorb moisture.
  • Store honey at room temperature and away from heat sources.
  • If you have kitchen cabinets with undershelf lighting, storing honey directly above these shelves can heat the honey beyond 115F and reduce its shelf life.
  • Do not allow water or food contaminants to enter honey. For example:
    • Bread crumbs from your morning toast
    • A wet spoon from a hot tea

If you are in doubt about your Crafted Honey, please contact us. Chances are good that your honey has just crystallized.

Yes! It is still perfectly edible. Crystallized raw honey can be used as a spread (like a jam or jelly - for some uses, we actually prefer crystallized honey) or it can be warmed to return it to a liquid state. To liquefy, place the closed jar in a pot of warm water for approximately 15-30 minutes.

Note: In order for honey to remain raw, it should not be heated to over 110F. As such, a low heat and slower liquefaction is recommended.

Raw honey may crystalize over time and this is completely normal. It's actually an indicator that our honey is pure, unadulterated, minimally filtered and raw. Our honey has not been ultra-filtered and still contains tiny particles of pollen, beeswax and propolis. These particles encourage/allow honey to crystallize around them and contribute to a faster crystallization. Conventional commercially-produced "grocery store" honey has been heated (often well past 165F) and ultra-filtered to remove all of these particles and prolong the amount of time honey will remain in liquid form. But heating honey beyond approximately 110-115F will "cook" all of the naturally occurring and beneficial enzymes and amino acids. As such, heated honey can no longer be considered raw.

Some varietals will crystallize faster than others. For example, we harvest a canola honey that crystallizes in just days. It makes a great spread, but we currently don't sell it because of how quickly it crystallizes - it would most certainly arrive crystallized. By contrast, our Sourwood honey is slow to crystalize.

By commercially-processed honey norms, yes, our honey is unfiltered. When extracting honey from honeycomb, we do pass the honey through two stainless steel sieves of varying screen mesh gauges/sizes. However, this is only to remove the larger particles of wax and pollen "clumps" from our honey. Therefore we usually refer to our honey as strained or minimally filtered rather than unfiltered.

Yes. Currently every last drop of honey we sell is collected, harvested, bottled, labeled and shipped by Crafted Honey. We are truly a handmade artisanal product.

We believe the answer is… probably not. In recent years, this has become somewhat of a well-debated topic. The idea behind using local honey for allergies is that it will contain pollen sources from your immediate environment. Similar to the way an allergist may prescribe an increasingly higher dosage of allergen via a shot regimen (which slowly builds resistance), it is thought that consuming honey that contains local pollen sources may have similar benefits.

However, the windborne pollen that most people are allergic to – e.g., weed and grass pollen – are typically not in high concentrations in honey. Thus the likelihood of honey working like an allergy shot regimen is probably remote. We encourage you to consult with your allergist.

Having said this, we do believe raw honey is a superfood that has significant benefits. Honey can be used as a natural cough suppressant, for example. We will expand on the many benefits of honey in an upcoming blog post.

Packaging FAQs

Glass jars are obviously heavier than plastic jars and using plastic jars would reduce shipping weights (and also marginally reduce shipping costs). However, we use glass for several reasons:

  • Glass is nonporous and impermeable and will protect honey for as long as possible.
  • Because glass is impermeable, there is no interaction between our honey and the glass - it will not alter the taste of honey in any way.
  • 100% of our glass jars can be recycled and can be done so endlessly.
  • Recycling glass into new bottles or jars requires less energy than using only raw materials (i.e., sand, silica, limestone, soda ash). This reduces emissions from a given glass manufacturer.
  • Recycled glass also reduces the consumption of raw materials - up to 95% of recycled glass can be substituted for net-new raw materials, which is obviously very good for the environment.


Infant Labeling FAQs

Although not required by law, we add this statement voluntarily. Because honey may contain Clostridium botulinum spores, it has been identified as a risk factor for infant botulism. Although rare, this is a serious nervous system disease and we therefore add this statement to our honey. Clostridium botulinum spores are present throughout the environment and people are routinely exposed to these spores. However, infants lack the gastrointestinal track of older humans (over 12mo of age) whose digestive systems easily inactivate the spores during digestion.

Yes it is, although we recommend consulting with your physician before doing so.

Shipping FAQs

Our shipping rates within all 50 United States, APO/FPO addresses and outlying regions (e.g., Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico) are as follows:

  • Shipments below one pound we charge $3.99
  • Shipments from 1lb to 5lbs (about 5 of our 8.9oz jars), we charge a flat rate of $7.95
  • Shipments over 5lbs, we charge a flat rate of $13.50
  • All orders over $99 ship free


We would love to as we are in the honey business and not the shipping business. However, honey is reasonably heavy and shipping carriers charge based on weight, parcel size and distance shipped. We can control the box size and through trial and error, have optimized our boxing to be as small as possible while still offering adequate protection. We have also taken steps to reduce packing materials and void fill. This reduces shipping weight, the cost of shipping and our impact on the environment.

Not yet, but we are working on it. Because honey is considered an "animal product" there are country-specific regulations and we are working through these regulations.

We currently ship via USPS (US Postal) as we have had the best success with USPS. They have great pricing and are gentle on our packages.

Yes, we will ship to a P.O. Box via USPS.

We process orders daily Monday through Friday. We make our best effort to get orders picked, boxed and delivered to our postal carrier within 24 hours. Typically orders placed before 2PM will ship the same day. Exception: weekend orders will ship the following Monday, barring any holiday.

You will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information as soon as we have shipped your order. You will also receive an email when the order is out for delivery (i.e., on the day it is being delivered) and once it has been delivered to the address you provided with your order.

We ship all orders out of Statesville, North Carolina. Once in our carrier's hands, most orders will arrive within 2 business days. Closer locations (e.g., parts of NC, SC, VA, TN and VA) may only require 1 business day, while farther locations can take up to 3 days. Note that extra delivery time may be required to Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO addresses and outlying regions (e.g., Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico).

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Simple: We stand behind everything we sell. If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with your order, we will make you whole. We are very proud of our products and services and put a great deal of effort into making your end-to-end experience as good as it can be. If we've missed the mark, please contact us to discuss your circumstances. We will either refund or replace your order.

Our one exception: purchases of our products made at one of our retailers are not eligible for refunds, returns or exchanges to Crafted Honey. Please contact the retailer in which you purchased the item from for a return. That said, we would love to know why you are returning it, so please let us know why if you wouldn't mind.