About Crafted Honey

Originally formed as Cedar Lake Honey in 2013 and re-imagined as Crafted Honey Company in 2016, we are a small-but-growing family owned business that produces 100% pure and raw, small-batch honey varietals. 

Raw Honey, Artisan Honey, Pure Honey | Crafted Honey

Our reason for being

At Crafted, we seek to shift the way people think about honey and to encourage others to appreciate honeybees for the vital role they play in our food system. We are dedicated to growing our company with transparent and ethical business practices, appealing to consumers who care about how and where their food is sourced. We concentrate on providing wild and cultivated, biodiverse habitats for our honeybees. Our focus has resulted in us receiving our Certified Bee Friendly farm status from Pollinator Partnership.

Where we are headed

Driven by a common passion to produce quality products that are healthy, transparent and sustainable, we rally around the central belief that our food system is best when nature is allowed to run its course without interference. Our honey is a manifestation of those beliefs, and as we introduce new products, you can bet they will be too. Crafted has big dreams – from products such as lip balms and saddle soaps, to creating partnerships with creameries and breweries, to offering services such as backyard hives and mobile processing – you will be sure to see our name pop up in both expected and unlikely places.

What's in a name?

Our name is a nod to our heritage, as well as the labor of love reflected in our products.  With values rooted in hard work, we are descendants of families who made a living by designing and making beautifully crafted things. We have an immense appreciation for the process, taking the time to do things the right way. We strive to not only minimize our impact on, but to improve the environment around us. Volume is not a driving factor; quality and sustainability are. We think you'll find that the result of our approach - our craft - yields some of the most vibrant honey varietals you've ever tasted.

Raw Honey, Artisan Honey, Pure Honey | Crafted Honey

Certified Bee Friendly Farm  •  100% pure and raw  •  Produced in small batches  •  Sustainably farmed