Crafted Honey is an Award Sponsor for the Alphabet 5K

Alphabet 5K at The Discovery Trail |

Crafted Honey is proud to announce our participation as an award sponsor of the Alphabet 5K "Run Walk Ride" A-Z being held Saturday, October 22, 2016 at The Discovery Trail at Rocky Creek Ranch. As an award sponsor, Crafted Honey will also be on-site to provide support during the event.

What is The Discovery Trail at Rocky Creek?

The Discovery Trail at Rocky Creek is an equine-accessible, multi-dimensional outdoor sensory experience or "sensory trail" for therapeutic and educational use and is located in Statesville, North Carolina. It is a project of Equuvation, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that aspires to promote innovation, education, collaboration and professional service delivery in any field of activity leveraging the horse-human connection.

Trail Map of The Discovery Trail |

What is a sensory trail?

A sensory trail is a sequential outdoor experience that incorporates cognitive, visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory sensory integration, promotes fine and gross motor skills, visual tracking and scanning, hand-eye coordination, and motor planning. Often, sensory trails incorporate the letters of the alphabet, A through Z, to mark the length of and stops along the trail. Sensory Trails are commonly seen at Therapeutic Riding Center facilities, allowing children and adults the opportunity to experience cognitive development and stimulation while on the back of a horse.

Station A at The Discovery Trail | 

What is the mission of The Discovery Trail at Rocky Creek

As detailed on The Discovery Trail's website:

"Our mission is to create an environment for guests of all ages and abilities to: experience the outdoors in a safe and delightful way; reach for and achieve therapeutic, educational and personal goals; and have an opportunity to learn from, and develop a relationship with horses {and other animals, including wildlife}. ”

What is the purpose of the 5K?

The Alphabet 5K will promote awareness and raise money to provide animal-assisted and nature-based therapeutic and educational opportunities for children and adults. This event will work towards The Discovery Trail's goal of promoting innovation, education, collaboration and professional service delivery in any field of activity leveraging the horse-human connection. Additionally, the event will support the continued development of The Discovery Trail at Rocky Creek.

Station A at The Discovery Trail |

Why is Crafted Honey participating?

Bees are intensely cooperative creatures that put the good of their community (the hive) at the top of importance. Taking a page from the bees' playbook, Crafted Honey feels strongly about giving back. We believe in using business as a tool to drive change and to enrich the lives of the communities we live in.

We have experienced first-hand the benefits of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and Learning (EFP/L) and the positive impact it has on its participants. The Discovery Trail is a state-of-the-art facility that aims to be a model for other centers and organizations to replicate, providing plans, shopping lists, costs, time estimates and financial support in the form of grant-making.

Much like the open source software movement accelerated the advancement of technology by publishing code for anyone to use and modify, The Discovery Trail has adopted a similar model. With its open source approach to sharing their inner-workings, the organization hopes to serve as a reference for other entities looking to create sensory trails. That's the kind of community Crafted Honey likes to get behind.

Pollinator Partnership and Monarch Watch

As if this wasn't reason enough for Crafted Honey to provide support for this incredible event, The Discovery Trail participates in two extremely bee-friendly programs:

Pollinator Partnership S.H.A.R.E. | is a program of The Pollinator Partnership, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the protection of pollinators and their ecosystems. The Pollinator Partnership's mission is to promote the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education, and research.  In accordance with S.H.A.R.E., areas of The Discovery Trail and overall property are dedicated to both naturally-occurring as well as planted pollinator friendly habitats.

Monarch Watch | monarchwatch.orgThe Monarch Watch is a nonprofit education, conservation, and research program. This program strives to provide the public with information about the biology of monarch butterflies, their spectacular migration, and how to use monarchs to further science education in primary and secondary schools. Monarch Watch also promotes the protection of monarch habitats throughout North America. The Discovery Trail participates in Monarch Watch by providing butterfly-specific habitats, Monarch Waystations and milkweed plantings, as it is thought that the exclusive food source for monarch larvae is milkweed. Similar to honeybees, butterflies play a vital role in pollination and are an essential part of the worldwide ecosystem.

Learn more

We've provided the following links to The Discovery Trail's website should you want to learn more:


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